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Freeze Dried Fruit Snack    No Salt CUK-VEGI Medley

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1. No Salt Dill Pickles
2. No Salt Cuke/Vegi Medley aka Cucumber Salad
3. Pheast : Improves The Saltiness Profile Of Low Salt Foods
4. Nutitional Chews : Glucosamine,
Energy, Urinary Tract Health, Sugar Free Calcium Supplement
5. Nuvim : Daily Wellness Adjunct for Foods & Beverages . Contains Patented Micronutrients From Cow's Milk. Supports Bone Health Naturally !
6. Freeze Dried Fruits
7. Energy Beverage Containing d-Ribose Which Helps Your Body Recover From Fatigue, Naturally !
8. Essential Oils For Aromatherapy.

Are U Assure !!

We have just introduced a new line of
Health and Wellness beverages developed by
AssureWater. There are 6 nutritious beverages developed for particular health indications :
bones, mind, body, immunity, heart & energy !
The product is packaged in a patented pouch system with a sports cap ! Recyclable / landfill friendly.
Pls contact doc phill for more info.
They are looking for investors to take AssureWater to the next level. Call me to discuss !
Samples can be purchased from Delicious Concepts.
[ $2.00 + shipping /handling ] .

CUKE/VEGI  MEDLEY  aka cucumber salad  is  available for sale on our website !

 Buy 1 case of DILLS & get 1 jars free ( a $7.99  value ) and  a tub of energy chews (60 chews ) on us: an $8.50 value ! Just place the order
for a case .


Are you tired of the bland taste of low sodium foods , are you
consuming vegan or vegetarian foods , try PHEAST . This all natural , sodium free product enhances the taste of low salt foods.

Do you take glucosamine to support
bone health, then you should try Nuvim . The main ingredients are extracted from cow's milk !  These are patented micronutriants. It has been clinically proven that Nuvim is  more effective that glucosamine !! Many sufferers are allergic to shell fish , from which glucosamine is made
Nuvim is ALL NATURAL !
Do you want to eat crab shells treated with chemicals !  UGH !

Ask for free samples of Pheast , Nuvim and our Nutitional Chews.
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  Dill Disc Crunchies - No Salt ?????  Feb.  2013

LOVE PICKLES! Cannot have'em b/c of : high BP, heart ailments, diabetes,  cardiovascular issues,  edema, pregnancy or low salt diets?
CRUNCH A BUNCH  of Phill's Big No Salt Dills!  ( our new trademarked name )
  We also support a coupon system [ 5% off ]
ASK us for the secret code !
Note : In choosing a good pickle , make sure there is a healthy amount of whole spices in the bottom of the jar ! This is the distinguishing feature between a so so flavored pickle [ a volkswagen ] and  a "BMW"  pickle! There is a no salt added pickle on the market that sells for under $2.00. This product is probably made in India , China , Thailand or Vietnam ! I personally visit the factory before I deal with them . Caution must be taken . Your stomach knows best.
Buy from the USA !!


Hello Beautiful
provides you with the lasting nutrition and sustained energy you need to navigate
through your active and busy day. Each rich,
creamy flavor is created with 16g of protein
from fresh organic soymilk, along with
complex carbs for sustained energy.


The creamy, velvety flavor of our Chocolate
reminds us of a chocolate milk shake - - but
without all the fat, sugar or calories. Instead,
we create our Chocolate with pure organic
cocoa, fresh organic soymilk, organic
complex carbohydrates such as rice syrup
and inulin and just a hint (only 9 grams) of
organic sugar. When a creamy chocolate
flavor comes with such healthy nutrition, it makes you wonder why other chocolate
drinks aren’t made this way.

Hello Beautiful ( For the discerning woman )

Cal Naturale - Svelte Sustained Energy Protein Drink

   RTD Chocolate Soy Shake
  12 Pack DAILY DEAL
/ 16 oz = $31.10

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  Svelte FAQS
  Svelte 5x certification

What’s the Deal With Inulin?

Who ever heard of Inulin? Svelte has of course, because we work at the leading edge of new innovations in the nutrition your body needs. Indeed, our company did early innovative work in the development of inulin products more than 20 years ago. You need fiber, and Inulin is both a complex carbohydrate and a spectacularly nutritious fiber for you.

Inulin is a very special fiber. Most plants utilize glucose only to make their fibers. There are many forms of the glucose-based fibers commonly available. And they are good for you too.

Svelte uses Inulin because Inulin is a unique fiber.

A very special few plants, the plants that create Inulin, use fructose, often called fruit sugar, together with the glucose as the backbone for their fiber. These plants include artichokes, asparagus, chicory, onions, garlic and others.

Because of inulin’s unique natural structure, it has a very mild, neutral, pleasant flavor. We always want Svelte to taste great!

But there is an even more important reason Svelte uses Inulin; Inulin is an extremely effective PRE-Biotic. Pre-biotics (not to be confused with probiotics) aid in digestion and in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. This means Inulin has been scientifically proven to be a powerful food, not for you directly, but a power food helping the GOOD microbes grow in your digestive system.  The Pre- Biotic Inulin helps promote the growth of the PRO-Biotics, which are the good bacteria you want in your body. The better you feed these little guys, the more they grow and the more they can work for your health.

The Inulin story seems unusual at first, but once you understand the benefits, Inulin is at the very forefront of human nutrition.

Complex Carbohydrates for Sustained Energy

Svelte adds Organic Complex Carbohydrates from Organic Rice because complex carbohydrates help to provide sustained energy and reduce the up-and-down “bounce” in your blood sugar levels that sugar can cause.

We use Organic Rice Syrup Solids for several reasons:
-Organics are not genetically modified and are grown without the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals. We use organic products whenever we can because Organics  give you the peace of mind to know you are eating wholesome foods.

-Rice is a natural source of carbohydrates from a grain so safe that in many cases rice is the first food we feed our infant children.

-“Syrup Solids” are mostly complex carbohydrates that digest more slowly once you eat them. This helps you to reduce the sugar bounce and helps to provide you a source of energy over a longer period of time.

-Using organic rice syrup is part of the reason Svelte provides you with the sustained energy you need to keep going without feeling starved.

Svelte provides more nutrition and more energy, over a longer period of time, keeping you satisfied so that you can keep up with your busy life.


The story with sugar we all know is: We like sweet things; a little is OK, and a lot is not good for any of us. This is why Svelte uses just the right amount of different sugars to create the optimal nutrition for you.

Too much sugar, and especially when the sugar is NOT balanced with the correct amount of protein, sends your blood sugar bouncing all over the place – first too high, then too low, and all within a 1 to 2 hour period. The impacts of having blood sugar level vary wildly in your body are several, and none of them are good:

First of all, high sugar levels put a huge sugar load into your bloodstream, causing the typical blood sugar level to bounce way too high.

This sugar “spike” causes a high demand for insulin, which is your body’s way of trying to correct the unhealthy condition of too much sugar in your bloodstream.

Your body then creates a massive shot of insulin, causing the blood sugar to “Bounce” too low. The depletion in blood sugar makes you weak, maybe even shaky, and certainly feeling quite hungry from the low blood sugar.

Unfortunately, the strong hunger is not the worst part of this blood sugar bounce. Spikes in blood sugar also cause your adrenal glands to begin releasing the stress hormone cortisol into your bloodstream. When this happens, your body is put under an oxidative stress load. Ugh. The consequences for your health are quite negative. This type of oxidative stress has cardiovascular implications, can lead to Type II diabetes and more. This isn’t good.

At CalNaturale Svelte, we want you to have the right amount of sugar for some energy, but not enough to cause the sugar high/low bounce with all the health consequences. Therefore, we use 9 grams of Organic Sugar in each full bottle. And roughly one third of this sugar occurs naturally in the Organic Soy Milk.

Creating the proper blend of sugar and complex carbohydrates is a fine balance, and is another example of the nutrition that Svelte provides for you.

Organic Soy Protein

Protein, always crucial for nutrition, is now known to be incredibly important for lasting energy, taming those hunger cravings and even balancing your blood sugar.

Not just any protein, but only the highest quality protein can provide you with the nutrition, energy, hunger satisfaction and peace of mind you desire.

Svelte uses only Organic Soy Protein – The complete protein food that comes directly from the fresh organic soymilk that we make ourselves. Let’s face it - if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, and we will accept nothing less than the best.

Since Svelte Soy Protein comes from our own organic soymilk, our protein is a complete food made from the whole soybean, not some over-processed, chemical, genetically-modified who-knows-what.

For complete nutrition, what healthy adults actually need to eat are the amino acids that are the building blocks that make up the protein. And our bodies REQUIRE certain very specific amino acids in a particular balance. Soy protein contains the right amino acids in the right proportion for proper nutrition.

Additionally, we use Certified Organic soymilk because our mission is to use Organic ingredients whenever we can. We know you want yourself and your family to have the peace of mind from knowing that your soymilk does not come from genetically modified soybeans and is not grown using dangerous pesticides and other chemicals. Of course, our organic soybeans are GMO-free and grown without toxic and persistent chemicals. We don’t want to feed that stuff to our own families, and we know that you don’t want to either.

Scientifically, we now know that protein is also very crucial at controlling blood sugar levels and helping to prevent spikes that just make you hungrier after a short period instead of feeling satisfied and full.

We want Svelte to be the best nature has to offer, so our protein has to be as well.